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Arizona Pool Care: Acid Wash vs. Chlorine Wash Service

Jun / 26 15

Arizona Pool Care: Acid Wash vs. Chlorine Wash Service

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Arizona Pool Care: Acid Wash vs. Chlorine Wash Service

Your Arizona swimming pool is one of your biggest investments. With this big investment, you want to keep your pool looking its absolute best and protect it from algae and other harmful contaminants.

Here at Down Under Pool Care, we offer a couple services that can effectively brighten the appearance of your pool and kill of the algae spores that might turn your pool an unsightly shade of green. I’m referring to an acid wash or chlorine wash service.

As a pool care professional, there are a couple common questions that I am asked:

“What’s the difference between an acid wash and chlorine wash service?” and “Which of these services is right for my pool?”

Here’s what you need to know about an acid wash and chlorine wash service from Down Under Pool Care:

Acid Wash Service

Acid Wash Before After

One of the most dramatic improvements you can make to the appearance of your swimming pool is have an acid wash service performed by an experienced pool professional. An acid wash is the chemical stripping of a very small layer of plaster off the surface of your swimming pool. Generally speaking, acid washes are designated for plaster pools; but they can be appropriate for pebble pools as well.

The service entails draining your pool and applying a very calculated and diluted amount of acid to the surface of your pool. The acid is promptly removed, and the results can be unbelievable. The stains that have accumulated on the top coating of plaster are all removed; leaving a glowing, like new appearance.

When dealing with the application of acid, it is best to leave it to a competent, experienced pool care technician like those at Down Under Pool Care. You want a pool care company who is experienced in knowing the appropriate amount of time to leave the acid on your pool; and someone who is also experienced in applying the proper concentration of acid. Mishaps in any of these areas can be destructive.

Chlorine Wash Service

Chlorine Wash

An extremely effective remedy for the build-up of algae in your swimming pool is a chlorine wash service. Sometimes referred to as a chlorine bath or a chlorine rinse, the service is very similar to an acid wash; applying liquid chlorine instead of acid.

The chlorine wash service entails draining your pool and applying a liquid chlorine mixture to the pool surfaces. Then the scrubbing begins… Strong scrubbing with a brush to get the chlorine deep into the pores of your pool. Special attention is paid to the areas in which algae is present. After the scrubbing, the liquid chlorine is rinsed, and the process is repeated. Typically, pebble pools normally get a chlorine wash.

Down Under Pool Care are the experts to turn to for chlorine wash services; leaving you with a clean, algae free swimming pool to enjoy.

Which Service Is Right For My Pool?

Green Pool

When it comes to acid wash and chlorine was services; a common question we encounter at Down Under Pool Care is, “Which of these services is right for my pool?”

The type of service you need greatly depends on the type of pool you have, and the problems you’d like remedied.

Plaster pools normally get an acid wash; pebble pools normally get a chlorine wash but they do qualify for both services.

If you have a serious algae problem, a chlorine wash is effective. If you have staining on your pool surface, you’ll want an acid wash.

If you have questions as to the maintenance and care your Arizona swimming pool might need; have a Down Under Pool Care technician take a look. We’ll be able to recommend the appropriate service for your pool and your pool conditions.

Down Under Pool Care Services

Down Under Pool Care

If your Arizona swimming pool is beginning to lose some of its luster, it’s time to give it a face lift… It’s time for an acid wash or chlorine wash service performed by Down Under Pool Care.

Whether you live in TempeChandlerGilbertQueen CreekMesaScottsdaleAhwatukee or Phoenix; Down Under Pool Care is your go-to source for all things pool care… Including a chlorine wash or acid wash service!

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