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Pool Pump Replacement Service

Arizona PoolIf you were to compare your pool to the human body, than your pool pump would be your pool’s heart. Just like you’d die if your heart were to fail; when your pool pump fails your pool will essentially die as well. When I say your pool dies, I mean the water no longer circulates through the filters and eventually becomes stagnant. Algae and other harmful contaminants begin to grow until your pool is no longer functional.

When your pool pump fails, turn to the professionals at Down Under Pool Care. Our pool pump specialists are the authorities when it comes to recommending and installing variable speed pool pumps. Variable speed pumps are 90 percent more efficient than other pumps, run cooler and quieter, and even last longer. It’s just what you need to save money and slash your energy bill by as much as 70 percent; saving you upwards of $500 a year!

When it comes time to replace or install a new pool pump for your Arizona pool, make sure the service is done by a licensed, certified, and qualified pool technician like those at Down Under Pool Care. Improper installation can cause serious damage to you, your family or your property.

Let Down Under Pool Care complete every step of the pool pump process; including assisting in selecting a variable speed pump, removing your old pump, installing the new one, replacing the inlet and outlet pipes, and then professionally calibrating and programming your new pump to maximize energy savings. We’ll even assist in getting a rebate from SRP or APS. We do all this for $95.00, plus parts and materials. What a value!

Whether you live in TempeChandlerGilbertQueen CreekMesaScottsdaleAhwatukee or Phoenix; Down Under Pool Care is your go-to source for all things pool care… Including a Pool Pump Replacement Service!

Pool Pump Replacement Services From Down Under Pool Care
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