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Swimming Pool Stains

May / 31 15

Swimming Pool Stains

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pool stainIs there anything more unsightly and frustrating than those ugly stains on your Arizona swimming pool? Green, black, brown, and even colored rust stains are more common than you think, and can easily ruin the look of your pool.

Where do these swimming pool stains come from?

What can you do to get rid of them?

How can you prevent swimming pool stains in the first place?

Here’s what you need to know:

What causes swimming pool stains?

Stains in your Arizona swimming pool can be a result of a variety of factors. It’s important to know what’s causing stains in your pool, so the best plan of action can be taken to correct the problem. Here are the most common causes of swimming pool stains:

Organic Material

One of the main causes of swimming pool stains come from everyday things that fall into our pools that are not cleaned out in a timely manner. If you are seeing black, brown, or tan colored stains, these are likely a result of leaves, bugs, plants, etc. that have fallen into your pool and haven’t been cleaned out for some time.

If you are seeing some rust colored stains, these can come from metals like iron, copper, and magnesium. While these stains can come from metal objects in your pool (i.e. diving boards, slides, rails), they can also come from the metals found in your pool water as well.


A pretty common stain you’ll see in un-kept pools, are green algae stains. If a swimming pool is not properly serviced, consistently with the right chemicals, there’s a good chance you’ll see algae stains over time.

Low pH or Total Alkalinity Levels

In addition to the organic materials causing swimming pool stains; other types of stains can also be caused by having low pH or total alkalinity levels. The result of having these levels too low can result in scaling and even corrosion. If you want to eliminate those unsightly scaling stains, and keep your heaters, ladders, or pool lights from corroding, you definitely want to keep your pool water balanced.


Yes, technically spills would fall under the organic material category, but because they are such a common cause of swimming pool stains; they get their own distinction. These are very common on pool decks. Spilled coffee, soda, juice, and sun tan oils/lotions are a headache because they also attract dirt which will stick to the stain.

Getting Rid Of Pool Stains

pool cleaningIf you are seeing stains in your pool, there are a couple things you can try. Tile cleaners can be picked up at hardware and pool supply stores, and can help remove scale, dirt, oils and other materials from your pool. You can also try picking up some rust and scale remover to treat these areas that have scale or rust stains. Make sure your pH levels are balanced or this product will not work effectively.

While these products can help to some extent, they can also be ineffective. They are also a pain to use. Using them may even require a pool drain service. To best get rid of pool stains, especially those that are severe in nature, you need a professional.

Down Under Pool Care effectively removes pool stains and calcium build-up with acid wash services, chlorine wash services, and tile cleaning services. These treatments will leave your pool glowing, bright, and beautiful.

If you are seeing pool stains, a Down Under Pool Care professional can evaluate your pool and recommend what service is right for you.

Preventing Future Pool Stains

pool chemicalsAfter you have taken the necessary steps to remove any stains from your swimming pool, you also want to take some precautions to prevent any more stains from diminishing the beauty of your pool.

All of us at Down Under Pool Care highly recommend that you follow a regular weekly maintenance schedule of cleaning and chemical services. As previously mentioned, most pool stains come from pool imbalances, and organic material not cleaned from the pool. A weekly maintenance schedule of cleaning and chemical services will ensure your pool is in tip top shape and remains stain-free.

Pool Services From Down Under Pool Care

Whether you have pool stains that you need taken care of with our acid wash, chlorine wash, or tile cleaning services; or you wish to prevent pool stains from popping up in the first place with a weekly cleaning and chemical service; Down Under Pool Care has you covered. Call today and enjoy a swimming pool free from unsightly stains!

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