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Fix My Green Pool!

Apr / 17 15

Fix My Green Pool!

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green poolAll of us here at Down Under Pool Care know that your Arizona swimming pool is your escape from the busy world. Is there anything more calming and comforting then taking a relaxing dip in your backyard oasis after a frantic day with the kids or a long day at the office?

What happens when your escape from the busy world begins to resemble more of a grimy green swamp, as opposed to the radiant backyard oasis you’re used to?

My Pool Has Turned Green 

It’s natural for swimming pools that have been neglected to turn green over time, as algae and other forms of bacteria begin to grow and thrive! Improper chemical treatments, poor cleaning regimens, dirty filters, and malfunctioning pool pumps that lead to stagnant water can all contribute to making your pool green.

Did you know that there are more consequences that come with having a green swimming pool than unsightly and unpleasant swimming conditions?

Problems Green Pools Cause 

Green swimming pools are more than just an eyesore. When your pool is green, it means it’s full of algae and bacteria. Not only is this unsafe to swim in; these conditions can also cause significant damage to pool surfaces, and can damage your pool’s pump, filters, and other equipment.

In addition to being disgusting, green pools can also harbor mosquitoes… Yes, the same mosquitoes that carry the very dangerous and deadly West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes can be bad here in Arizona, especially after monsoon season. These blood-sucking pests look for stagnant pools of water to lay their eggs in; and your green pool makes for the perfect incubator!

Another problem many Arizona pool owners don’t take into account is that it may be illegal to have a green swimming pool. Cities, like Scottsdale for example, have ordinances passed where you can be fined if your pool is not “maintained in a healthy and usable condition, free of stagnant water or conditions that promote insect infestation or deterioration.”

One more thought. Your neighbors and Home Owners Association will also be none too pleased if your have an eyesore of a green pool on your property!

Fix My Green Pool! 

algae cleaningI have some good news for you! If your Arizona swimming pool is green, full of bacteria and algae, it can be fixed. If your pool has turned green, you basically have two options: 1) an aggressive combination of filtering, cleaning, and chemicals to get it back to the beautiful blue color you are used to, or 2) draining the pool, chlorine washing the algae and bacteria away, and cleaning or replacing the filters.

A Down Under Pool Care professional can examine your pool, and the severity of algae and bacteria growing within, and recommend an appropriate plan of action.

Down Under Pool Care Fixes Green Pools

Down Under Pool Care specializes in fixing green swimming pools. In severe cases, it’s usually best to drain the green pool completely and have one of our professionals perform a full chlorine wash to blast away any of the algae and bacteria that has accumulated. In such cases, all of the pool filters will need to be professionally cleaned as well, or your pool may just turn green again.

If your pool’s algae levels and pH levels are not too off kilter, or if your pool is only a “little green,” a Down Under Pool Care professional can clean, filter, and chemically treat your pool to get it back to the sparkling blue you’re used to as well.

It’s important that you get your green pool problem taken care of as soon as possible, by a Down Under Pool Care professional, to avoid any further complications or damage to your pool or it’s components.

All of us here at Down Under Pool Care know that your Arizona swimming pool is your escape from the busy world. We want to ensure your pool remains your backyard oasis with professional, high quality, and affordable pool care.

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