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Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Service

Arizona pool cleaning serviceKeeping your Arizona swimming pool clean and debris free, as well as administering the appropriate chemicals, are the two most basic steps of proper pool maintenance. With that being said, you wouldn’t believe just how many pool owners overlook these basic steps. Don’t make this costly mistake! While a dirty pool is something nobody wants to swim in, there are also other ramifications that come with an un-kept pool. If you frequently leave leaves, bugs, and other debris in your pool, they can clog your filters. Clogged filters can lead to a myriad of problems, including a burnt out pool motor, as your pool cannot adequately filter itself.

Failing to closely check your pool’s chemical balance, and adjusting any imbalances found, is also an important part of pool maintenance. Algae, cloudy water, scale forming and sub-par swimming conditions are all a result of improper chemical treatments. What a headache!

Keeping your pool clean and chemically balanced is a lot of work, but the pool professionals at Down Under Pool Care are here to help. With our weekly cleaning and chemical service, we’ll help you get the most out of your pool and make sure you present a positive image as you entertain family and friends.

With this weekly service, a highly trained Down Under Pool Care specialist will clean your pool, check your water chemistry, and add chemicals as needed. The cleaning includes, skimming the pool surface, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and brushing your pool walls. All the baskets, skimmers, pumps, backwash filters, will be emptied and the chemical feeders will be loaded. We will even spray off the deck for you. This weekly service ensures the safety and beauty of your pool, all at an affordable value of $79.00 a month plus chemicals.

Let Down Under Pool Care take the worry out of pool maintenance with our weekly cleaning and chemical service. A glistening pool will await you every time you dive in this pool season.

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