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Swimming Pool Acid Wash Before & After

Feb / 12 15

Swimming Pool Acid Wash Before & After

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Swimming Pool Acid Wash Before & After

Is your swimming pool not it’s glistening self? Is it beginning to resemble more of a swamp than a radiant backyard oasis? Maybe you’re seeing stains on your pool’s surface?

If your Arizona swimming pool is beginning to lose some of its luster, it’s time to give it a face lift… It’s time drain your pool and clean it. One of the most effective ways to clean it, and remove the stains on the surface of your swimming pool, is with an acid wash performed by Down Under Pool Care.

What Is An Acid Wash?

Acid Wash

Many people call Down Under Pool Care wanting to improve the appearance of their pool. Many assume that the only way to give their pool that “like-new” appearance again is to re-plaster the surface. There is actually a less expensive method used to brighten up your pool again, and it’s called an acid wash.

An acid wash is essentially the chemical stripping of a very small layer of plaster off the surface of your swimming pool. This acid wash exposes the fresh plaster underneath, leaving your pool looking brand new. I like to relate an acid wash to getting a chemical peel for your face at your dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office.

The acid wash will also get down into the pores of your pool’s surface, where algae likes to grow and stick to, and kill off the algae blooms; ensuring your pool remains algae free for the pool season.

It’s important to note that handling acid can be dangerous, and is best left to the professionals. The pool professionals at Down Under Pool Care have been properly trained in the handling, application, and disposal of the acid used in the acid wash treatment.

How Do I Know When I Need An Acid Wash?

Green Pool

Overtime all swimming pools lose there exterior shine; that luster that it once had. This is due to a variety of reasons, including: mineral stains and deposits, chlorine and chemical stains, dirt stains, algae, and simple wear and tear from using it every summer.

Down Under Pool Care recommends an acid wash if your pool is in need of a dramatic aesthetic improvement, or if you are experiencing swampy conditions.

If your pool is looking a little green, you’d likely benefit from a drain and acid wash. A general rule of thumb is if you cannot see the bottom of your pool you need an acid wash. This green, swampy condition can occur if your pool has been stagnant for awhile, if it was not properly winterized, or if you have serious algae blooms. In these conditions, an acid wash is necessary.

If your pool is not green, and you are not experiencing swamp conditions, you may elect for an acid wash just so your Arizona pool will be brighter, whiter, and gleaming.

Acid Wash Before & After

Acid Wash Before After

Here is an up-close, before and after look, of the results of an acid wash done by Down Under Pool Care. You’ll notice just how much brighter and clean the stairs of the swimming pool look after the treatment.

Acid Wash By Down Under Pool Care

If your swimming pool not it’s glistening self, and beginning to resemble more of a swamp than a radiant backyard oasis, give Down Under Pool Care a call. Our highly trained personnel can evaluate your pool, and recommend which service is best for you; including an acid wash.

Whether you live in Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Scottsdale or Phoenix; Down Under Pool Care is your go-to source for all things pool care… Including an acid wash!

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