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5 Pool Exercises For Beginners

May / 22 15

5 Pool Exercises For Beginners

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Freestyle SwimmingDid you know that your pool can be used for more than just leisure time with the family? More and more Arizona pool owners are utilizing their pools to stay fit; and I’m not just talking about swimming laps.

Whether you are trying to start a new fitness regimen, looking to take a few beginning steps to get back into shape, or simply looking for a few more fun ways to enjoy your pool; there are several pool exercises available.

Additionally, if you are a senior, or are suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain, exercising in your pool is a great way to stick to a routine.

Here are five pool exercises for beginners to get your started:

1. Water Jog Or Power Walk

Water jogging or power walking is one of the most effective methods of exercise you can do in your pool. Your pool water will act as a natural lightweight resistance as you pump your arms and legs through the water. Start off small with a couple trips around your pool; or even try jogging in place. See how you do. If you feel like it’s too much, slow down. If it’s not enough, try jogging faster. As a gauge, keep an eye on your heart rate. Try water jogging/power walking for ten minutes at first, and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workout.

Yoga triangles pool2. Yoga Triangles

If you are looking for a more relaxing method of pool exercise, why not try yoga. Yoga can increase strength, endurance, and flexibility; all while improving your mobility.

For the aquatic version of the yoga triangle, stand one arm’s length away from your pool wall. Spread your legs about three feet apart. Hold out your right arm and touch the wall with the tips of your fingers. Raise your left arm and bend it over your head so that it is arched towards your right arm. Push your left foot down and hold the pose for three breaths. After three breaths, switch sides and touch the pool wall with your left arm and repeat the process. You’ll feel so rejuvenated after a few cycles of these yoga triangles.

3. Leg Circles & Arm Circles

If you are looking for an effective, low impact method of tightening and toning your arms and legs, try doing leg and arm circles in your pool. In order to do these exercises, you’ll want to be in the deep end of your pool; or where the water comes up to about your neck. Make sure you have your balance before beginning.

For the arm circles, extend your arms out to your side while keeping them underwater. With your arms strait and your palms down, make circular motions. Gradually increase the speed of the circles, and try reversing directions. Change it up from small tight circles, to bigger ones. Start by trying 30 second intervals, and then resting.

For the leg circles, grip the side of your pool with your right hand, and place your body perpendicular to the edge of the pool. Make circles with your left leg, just like the arm circles. Try different speeds, different sizes of circles, and different directions. After 30 seconds, switch sides; gripping the pool wall with your left hand and circling your right leg.

Cheteshwar Pujara & Luke Pomersbach

4. Underwater Leg Thrusts

Underwater leg thrusts are a great way to build up the strength in your legs and knees, and they are very low impact. They’re perfect for those of you with bad knees. You will need a pool noodle or other type of flotation device you can put under your feet for this exercise. The floating types of dumbbells are also very effective for this exercise.

While in the water, take your right leg and bend it at the knee. You want your upper thigh parallel with the water, at a 90 degree angle. Place the pool noodle/floating dumbbell around the bottom of your foot and then push it down until your leg is straight. Once straight, slowly allow your leg to rise again so it’s parallel to the pool water. Try about 15 reps, and then switch legs.

5. Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle kicks are not only a great exercise for your legs; they are also good at engaging your core. To do this exercise, put your back to the wall of your pool and hold on to the ledge. Begin cycling your legs, just like you were riding a bike. Bring your knees up toward your chest. Try tightening your abs while you are doing this exercise in order to engage your core. Start off by cycling your legs in 30 second intervals, and then resting. As you gain strength and endurance, increase the duration and intensity of your intervals.

Benefits Of Aquatic Exercise


It’s no secret that the benefits that come with regular exercise are plentiful. Did you know that some water exercises can burn more calories per minute than traditional exercises done on land? Working out in the water also can decrease pain, increase strength and mobility, increase endurance, improve balance, reduce swelling, and help to regain range of motion.

If you have yet to incorporate your Arizona pool into your regular fitness regimen, now’s the time to start!

Healthy Pool, Healthy You

While you are working on getting healthy in your pool, you also want to make sure your pool is healthy as well. A pivotal part of ensuring your pool is healthy is to have regular cleaning and chemical services.

Down Under Pool Care offers such a service in which your pool will be cleaned and chemically treated on a weekly basis by a highly trained pool care professional. Regular maintenance like this will ensure your pool is healthy, in your journey to become healthier.

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