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5 Fun Swimming Pool Games For The Kids

May / 16 15

5 Fun Swimming Pool Games For The Kids

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PoolMany Arizona schools are just letting out for the summer, and you know what that means… It’s time to find things to do with the kiddos all summer. There’s no doubt that our backyard swimming pools will offer much entertainment the upcoming months, but if you really want to kick up the fun level a notch, have the kiddos try a few pool games.

Here are five swimming pool games to try with the kids:

Marco Polo

When it comes to swimming pool games, we have to start with one of the classics. I’m talking of course about Marco Polo. The rules are pretty simple. You need at least two to play, but a small group works best. One participant is designated as the “Marco.” A blindfolded (or closed-eyed) Marco tries to tag someone else in the pool. Upon doing so, they become the new Marco. It’s trickier than it sounds as the object is to not be the Marco. The other players will do everything they can to avoid being touched; including getting out of the pool. The Marco does have a few tricks up his or her sleeve (or swimming suit). If Marco believes a player is out of the pool, they can yell “fish out of water.” If anyone is indeed out of the pool, they’re now it. In addition to that, Marco also has one more trick to tag the next Marco. When he or she yells “Marco,” everyone else in the pool must respond “Polo.” This gives the Marco an idea of where his next Polos might be and lunge after them to tag them. It’s a lot of fun, but can be challenging to enforce the rules. NO PEEKING!

Steal The Bacon

The most fun I’ve had in a swimming pool was playing an epic game of steal the bacon. This game may be better suited for the older kids, because it can get a little out of control at times. How it works is that two teams are formed, and the players are each given a number. Each team assembles at opposite ends of the pool. A ball (or anything that floats i.e. pool toy) is thrown into the center of the pool as a number from each team is called out. Those two players, with the corresponding numbers, frantically swim toward the ball and retrieve it. The trickiest part is to not get caught after retrieving the ball, and get it back to your side of the pool. If you get the ball back to your side of the pool, you get two points. If you’re caught; your opponent gets a point. Most points wins!

Beach Ball Bonanza

pool beach ball

This swimming pool game goes by a couple names, and has a couple variations, but is commonly referred to as Beach Ball Bonanza. It’s best described as sumo wrestling with beach balls. The trickiest part about playing this game is that each player needs an inflatable beach ball. I know they are selling beach balls right now at the Dollar Store, and the small investment is well worth it. How it works, is each player gathers in the center of the pool with beach ball in hand. At go, your objective is to push the opposing players into the wall with your beach ball; without using your hands or feet to do so. If you are bumped into the wall, you’re out. The last one standing in the pool is declared the winner.

Sharks and Minnows

Much like Marco Polo, sharks and minnows is a classic swimming pool game. It’s basically a glorified game of tag in your pool. To begin, one player is designated the shark; the rest are minnows. The shark lurks in the center of the pool, and on cue all the little minnows must swim from one side to another without getting eaten (tagged) by the shark. Once tagged, a minnow becomes a shark and the process repeats itself until there is one minnow left swimming. They’re declared the winner and delegated the shark for the next round. There are so many variations on this game. Try playing with safe zones, or if a minnow is swimming completely underwater, they cannot be tagged. This game is a lot of fun!

Piranha Ball

Imagine a beach ball being a vicious piranha ready to rip the flesh from your body with its razor sharp teeth. You must avoid the piranha at all costs! That’s the premise of Piranha Ball. All players lock arms and form a circle around a beach ball. The goal is to get someone in the circle to touch the beach ball, and when they do they’re out. The remaining players then lock arms again. The game gets increasingly difficult as the circle around the piranha ball shrinks. When only one player remains, they are declared the winner.

Summer Fun

family pool time

Make this summer a fun one by playing some fun pool games. Get the most out of your pool while doing so. Part of getting the most out of your pool, is ensuring it’s properly cleaned and chemically treated. Down Under Pool Care offers affordable weekly cleaning and chemical services so you can spend more time playing fun pool games like these, and less time worrying about pool maintenance.

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