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Pets & Pools: Is It Okay To Let My Dog Swim In My Arizona Pool?

Jun / 05 15

Pets & Pools: Is It Okay To Let My Dog Swim In My Arizona Pool?

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I am a dog person! I grew up with dogs. I have a dog– If I had it my way, I would have five more. Myself, like most of us Arizonans, feel like our pets are part of the family. We let them sleep on our beds. We let them ride along with us in the car (when it’s not too hot). We even let our dogs swim in our pools!

It’s no secret that many dogs love water; especially if we are talking about Labradors or Retrievers. It’s so much fun throwing a tennis ball or chew toy into the pool, and watching our four-legged friends dive in after them with little or no regard.

Letting man’s best friend take a dip in our backyard pool is also a great way for our furry friends to cool off during those scorching summer months we have here in Arizona.

Given that so many of us Arizonans love spending time in our pools with our dogs, the question begs to be asked… Is it okay to let my dog(s) swim in my Arizona pool?

Here are a few insights on how pools impact our dogs, and how dogs impact our pools:

How My Pool Affects My Dog 

Dog in Pool With Ball

Since many of us care more about our dogs, than the impact they might have on our pool, I figure it best to start with how a pool can affect a dog.

It is estimated that some 5,000 dogs drown annually each year in swimming pools. There are a few precautions that need to be taken to prevent our pets from drowning.

First, make sure your dog is supervised while swimming; even if your dog is an excellent swimmer. If your dog is a poor swimmer, check out your local pet store for dog life jackets… Yes, they make those!

Second, while most dogs have no problem finding their way into our pools, getting out can pose a challenge. Make sure your dog has a ramp, or steps, or some kind of assistance to help them out of the pool after jumping in.

Third, like young children, dogs are drawn to water. Their curiosity gets the best of them. Make sure your pool is enclosed with a fence and has a latching gate. Look into using pool surface alarms in case your dog jumps into the pool without you knowing.

In addition to pool drowning, the chemicals in your pool can also cause irritation to your pet. You know that burning, itching, and dry sensation your skin, eyes, and hair get after swimming? Your dog can experience those symptoms as well. The chemicals can also irritate your dog’s nose and eyes. Just like you will shower and rinse off after spending time in the pool, it’s also a good idea to rinse your dog off as well. This will help to minimize some of these irritating symptoms.

How My Dog Affects My Pool

Dog in pool

To simply say your dog has an impact on your pool would be an understatement. The average dog will bring three times more hair, dirt, debris, oil, and even fecal matter (gag) into your pool than the average person. This number increases with the size and type of dog; and also if the dog spends a lot of time outdoors.

If your dog(s) are swimming in your pool, you will need to have your chemicals checked and administered more often. All that extra hair, dirt, debris, oil, and fecal matter will raise your pH levels, and dirty up your water. If your pool is not properly chemically treated and adjusted, you increase your chances of water-borne sickness.

Additionally, if your dog is swimming in your pool your filters will be clogged more often. All that hair and other organic matter brought into your pool by your dog will plug up your filters more frequently, and if left untreated, can burn out your pool’s pump motor.

Down Under Pool Care Services 


If you are worried about the impact your dog(s) may have on your pool, rest easy… Down Under Pool Care is here to help! Our weekly cleaning and chemical service will ensure your water is safe and clean to swim in, and your pH levels are in the appropriate range. Our cartridge or DE filter cleaning services will also ensure your filters are functioning properly; free from all the hair and debris brought in by your dog.

Let your dogs enjoy your Arizona pool with you, and enlist in pool care services from Down Under Pool Care!

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