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DE Pool Filter Cleanings By Down Under Pool Care

Mar / 14 15

DE Pool Filter Cleanings By Down Under Pool Care

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DE Pool Filter Cleanings By Down Under Pool Care

If you have a swimming pool here in Arizona, you likely have a cartridge pool filter, a DE (diatomaceous earth) pool filter, or a combination of the two types of filters; typically called a hybrid.

In fact, I would say that at least 90 percent of residential pools in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, and surrounding areas have these types of filters; whereas most commercial pools have sand filters which require a sand change to clean.

If you are a pool owner here in the Valley, regular pool filter cleanings are necessary to keep your pool clean and functioning properly; specifically DE pool filter cleanings.

Here’s what you need to know about your pool’s DE filters, and what Down Under Pool Care can do to help keep them clean:

For more information on pool cartridge filter cleanings, including a before and after picture, click here.

DE Pool Filters

Many swimming pools here in Arizona use diatomaceous earth (DE) to help filter out dirt and contaminants. Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is commonly used as a filtration aid, and is implemented in DE pool filters. These types of filters demonstrate excellent filtration capabilities, assisting in keeping your swimming pool sparkling clean. These DE filters will trap water-borne contaminants as small as 1 micrometer in size.

DE pool filters strain out massive amounts of dirt, dust, bacteria, and contaminant particles. Over time the filter grids become full of dirt, contaminant particles, and other debris and they can no longer effectively do their jobs. At this time, your DE filter(s) need to be cleaned.

Why DE Pool Filter Cleanings Are Required

Dirty DE Pool Grids

We Arizonans spend a lot of time in our swimming pools, especially in the hot spring and summer months. All this pool activity means there is more dirt, bacteria, sunscreen, and debris in your pool that need to be filtered out. Your pool has filters, and in many cases a DE filter, to do the job.

Filter cleanings are necessary for nearly all residential swimming pools. As your DE filter grids become dirty and clogged with debris, a few things can occur. Extended pressure on your pool’s filter(s) builds as water tries to circulate. This built up pressure can not only damage the pool’s filter(s), but your pool’s pump motor as well.  Additionally, with a clogged filter, your pool’s circulation will drop considerably. Having poor circulation in your pool is almost a sure-fire way for algae to make your pool its home; and will lead to unhealthy pool conditions.

If you have a warranty on your swimming pool, many pool builders and manufacturers require regular filter cleanings. Failure to comply can lead to your warranty being voided, as dirty and clogged filters can certainly damage your pool and its equipment.

Demonstrate that your pool has been well maintained with regular DE filter cleanings from Down Under Pool Care.

Benefits Of DE Filter Cleanings

There are many benefits that come along with regularly cleaning your DE pool filters. Here are a few important ones:

Clean Swimming Pool- The first benefit you’ll notice from having your DE pool filters regularly cleaned is quite obvious, your pool will be cleaner and healthier. A cleaner filter will naturally trap more of the dirt, dust, bacteria, and contaminant particles that are found in your pool. Additionally, your pool water is circulated through the grime and gunk that is trapped in a dirty DE filter. That’s the water you’re swimming in! Keep it clean!

Extends Life of Filter & Pump– Having a clean DE filter means there will be less resistance as the water circulates through. Less resistance means less strain on your pump motor. A DE filter cleaning can actually drop the pressure on your tank by as much as 10 psi.

Save On Electricity- Would you believe that having your DE filters regularly cleaned can actually pay for themselves and save you money in the long run? It’s true! By cleaning the filter, water will flow more easily through it; thus using less energy to power your pool pump.

DE Pool Filter Cleanings Before & After

DE Pool Filter Cleaning

DE Pool Filter Cleanings By Down Under Pool Care

If you want your Arizona swimming pool to function properly, want to extend the life of your filter(s) and pumps, want to save money on your electric bill, and want your pool clean and ready for your enjoyment; get your pool’s DE filters cleaned by Down Under Pool Care.

Down Under Pool Care offers DE filter cleanings, at an affordable value to Arizona pool owners. For $120.00 (plus parts and materials) a highly trained Down Under Pool Care professional will disassemble your DE filter and grid assembly. We will clean and inspect the grids and manifold, then reassemble the grid assembly and filter. The filter will be pressure tested and charged with DE, and we will lube the circulation system. Sometimes new grids are needed, and we will replace those when necessary as well.

Let Down Under Pool Care inspect and clean your swimming pool’s DE filters, leaving your pool healthy and ready to use whenever you need to beat the heat this upcoming spring and summer.

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