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7 Easy Steps To Open Your Pool For Summer

Mar / 24 15

7 Easy Steps To Open Your Pool For Summer

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7 Easy Steps To Open Your Pool For Summer

It’s heating up here in Arizona, and we know what that means… It’s time to open our swimming pools.

If your pool was properly winterized before closing it down last year, opening it should be a breeze. Still, there are a few necessary steps that need to be taken to properly “Summerize” your pool, and have it ready for the upcoming pool season.

Open your pool for summer by following these “summerizing” steps:

pool splashing

Step 1: Remove water and debris from the top of pool cover Over the winter months, debris like leaves, dirt, palms, and even children or pet toys seem to find their way on top of your pool cover; as does rain water. With your pool pole or brush, gently gather all the debris to one corner of your pool, and remove the large pieces of debris with your hands. Pool the water left on top of the cover near the edge, and vacuum it up with your pool-vac or a wet vac. Sweep up the rest of the debris with a broom and dustpan.

Note: You may need to add water to your pool before doing this step, as the pool cover may have some slack in it. Simply place your hose under the pool cover and add water as needed.

Step 2: Remove, clean, and store pool cover- After you have removed any water, dirt and debris from your pool cover, set it aside to dry. Once dry, neatly fold or roll the cover; a fan fold seems to work the best. Store your cover out of the elements.

Step 3: Inspect all pool equipment– Before using your pool this Spring and Summer, you need to be sure all it’s equipment is functioning properly. Pay close attention to your filters and pump. Look for wear and possible damage. Look for pooling water, near the pump and pipes as this may indicate a leak.

If you’re not quite sure what to look for during a pool inspection, a Down Under Pool Care professional does. We can take a look at your pool pump, inlet and outlet pipes, and pool filters to ensure they are all properly working. If not, we can replace them too!

Step 4: Reinstall or return pool equipment- In the winterizing process, you likely removed baskets, returns, skimmers, and safety equipment.  You may have even put away pool chairs, water basketball standards, ladders, or handrails. Return and re-install all the equipment you need to enjoy your pool all year long.

Step 5: Clean pool– After several months of non-use during the winter, your pool is likely in need of some TLC. First, net out any leaves and debris from your pool. Second, vacuum the bottom of the pool. Next, you’ll want to brush the sides of your pool. Finally, rinse of off the deck.

Pool Skimmer

Down Under Pool Care can assist you in this step, with our pool cleaning service! Additionally, if your pool is looking green, or is in need of a bit of a face-lift, you’ll want to explore our tile cleaning, chlorine wash, and acid wash services.

Step 6: Chemical treatment- Once your pool is clean, it’s ready to be treated chemically. This step is best left to a pool professional, as handling and applying chemicals can be dangerous if done improperly. Down under Pool Care is pleased to offer chemical services for your pool.

Step 7: Turn on the pump and circulate the pool– Once your pool is cleaned and chemically treated, it’s time to fire up the pool pump. It’s best to let the water circulate for at least 24 hours so the chemicals can do their work, and water can pass through your filters.

After completing these seven easy steps, your pool is ready for summer. It’s time for lounging in the cool water, hosting pool parties, and swimming a few laps to stay healthy and fit.

Down Under Pool Care’s Start-Up Service

When opening your pool for the season, Down Under Pool Care can help you every step along the way. We are pleased to offer a Start-Up service. This service is ideal to prepare pool for weekly services and regular use. A $85.00 Start-Up Service entails cleaning your pool and administering chemicals. We also check the filter system to be certain it is running properly.

Click here for a complete list of the services we offer.

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