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10 Creepy Crawlies Found In Pools

Apr / 14 15

10 Creepy Crawlies Found In Pools

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10 Creepy Crawlies Found In Pools

As pool care professionals, you wouldn’t believe some of the things we find inside the swimming pools we service. Most cleanings we perform are relatively ordinary; but every once in awhile one of our service technicians will find something unexpected in the pool itself, or in one of the returns.

One common surprise we frequently find in Arizona swimming pools happen to be things that are creepy crawly in nature. Gross, I know… But it happens! You see, just like you and I, all living things need water to survive—and your swimming pool can look very inviting to insects, arachnids, and other pests.

Here are ten creepy crawlies Down Under Pool Care professionals sometimes find in Arizona swimming pools—and no, that weird neighbor kid that sometimes invites himself over for a swim doesn’t count.

1. Mosquitoes


The most common pest Arizona pool owners encounter, are those dreaded mosquitoes. Mosquito problems are compounded if your pool is not properly maintained; meaning, your chemicals are not up to par, the pool pump and filters are not functioning properly, and the water becomes stagnant. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant, untreated water. Before long, the thought of even going out to your pool can be a nightmare, especially because mosquitoes can carry the deadly West Nile Virus.

The good news is that Down Under Pool Care offers chemical treatments for your pool, along with pool pump inspections and replacements. These actions will go along way at keeping those dreaded blood-suckers off your property, so you can enjoy your pool.

2. Spiders


Spiders love building their webs near your pool! The above picture was taken just a few days ago from a pool we service in Chandler. Why do spiders build their webs near pools? The answer is simple. Your pool frequently attracts flies, beetles, mosquitoes, and other flying pests; a favorite meal of spiders. Webs built near your pool may mean an easy dinner on a regular basis.

3. Mice & Rats

pool mouse

This poor little guy fell in this pool we recently serviced, and got stuck. Rodents like mice and rats will scurry along the edge of your pool, and do their best to take a sip of your pool water without falling in. This little guy was obviously unsuccessful.

4. Snakes

snake in pool

Is there anything more terrifying than heading to your backyard pool, ready to take a dip, only to find something slithering? Gopher snakes, Desert Night snakes, King snakes, and Garter snakes are all very common throughout the Arizona Valley. Most snakes you find in or around your pool are relatively harmless (non-venomous), but still creepy.

5. Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

bee in pool

There’s no doubt you’ve been swimming and seen any number of wasps, bees, or hornets hovering above your pool. These stinging pests are attracted to any source of liquid they can find because it is a source of food and energy. You see them hovering over pool water to carefully land and collect liquid in their mandibles to either consume or take back to their nests.

6. Scorpions


With all that Arizona has to offer, all of us wish this great state offered a few less scorpions. These malevolent pests hang out near your pool for the very same reason spiders do… They’re looking for an easy meal. Crickets, roaches, and beetles are all common near your pool water, as they look to cool off and have a drink. These insects also happen to be a scorpion’s favorite meal.

7. Geckos


One of the most common reptiles found here in the Valley, is the gecko. Don’t be alarmed if you find one in your pool, they are harmless and actually eat a lot of the bugs you don’t want to see in or around your pool.

8. Centipedes


Yuck! While the centipede isn’t as dangerous as some of the scorpions or spiders we find near our pools, they are no less creepy. We once found a huge, four-inch centipede in somebody’s pool. It was something nightmares are made of!

9. Frogs

pool frog

When you find frogs in your pool water, rest easy… it’s not an Egyptian plague. If your pool water is stagnant, or has some swamp-like conditions, frogs may look to not only live in your pool, but raise their tadpoles in there as well. If you are experiencing swamp-like conditions in your pool, and are even seeing frogs, it may be time for a pool drain service from Down Under Pool Care.

10. Skunks


Imagine the shock of walking into your backyard and finding a skunk doing laps in your pool. Skunks are more common than you think here in the Valley, especially in the outer areas of Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek. If you ever find a skunk that has fallen into your pool and cannot get out, it’s best to call Arizona animal control. If the poor thing drowns after falling in, a Down Under Pool care professional would be happy to fish the stinky critter out.

Regular Pool Cleanings & Chemical Treatments

Pool Skimming

While pests like rodents, insects, arachnids, reptiles, and amphibians are naturally drawn to your swimming pool, regular chemical treatments and pool cleanings will go a long way to deter them. Naturally, these curious creepy crawlies will check out your pool to see if the water is drinkable, and some may fall in. With pool water that is properly treated with the appropriate chemicals, they will be less likely to not only come by for a drink, but ever return.

The good news for Arizona pool owners is that Down Under Pool Care offers convenient and professional pool cleanings and chemical services at an affordable value. Your pool will be cleaned, the returns checked, and the chemistry monitored; being adjusted as needed. This will help keep those creepy crawlies away, so you can keep enjoying your pool.

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