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You Have To See This $2 Million Pool

Aug / 20 15

You Have To See This $2 Million Pool

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After a long day in the office, or driving the kiddos around all over the Valley, there’s nothing more relaxing then coming home to relax in your pool. It’s your backyard escape!

You grab a cold drink, turn the pool lights on, and soak the day’s stresses away. While you may get a lot of joy out of relaxing in your pool, not all pools are created equal.

Imagine all the relaxing and fun you could have in this $2 million pool:

You Have To See This $2 Million Pool

We service some of the finest swimming pools in the Valley, but this pool is, quite simply, the most amazing swimming pool we have ever seen.

Nestled away in Springville, UT; this pool was built for a homeowner who loves the mountains, and who is also an avid scuba-diver. It is fittingly nicknamed “The Mountain.” The center of this pool is a colossal 90 foot man-made mountain that emulates the natural Utah surroundings perfectly.

The pool is truly massive. It’s about 140 feet long, 60 feet wide and holds 360,000 gallons of water. It’s was constructed with re-bar, metal beams, and 360 yards of concrete; painted entirely to make this jaw dropping pool look like a natural wonder.

A Few Of The Pool’s Amenities

This elaborate pool has so much to offer, it’d be impossible to list all the amenities in one place. Here are a few impressive highlights:

  • The pool’s mountain is full of tunnels, caves, and many other secret hideouts.
  • There are five waterfalls, with the tallest towering over 20 feet and spilling 3,000 gallons of water per minute over its edge. It makes for an awesome diving rock!
  • There are two bridges and pathways that wind to the top of the mountain, and even has a hidden waterslide that tunnels 60 feet through the mountain to the pool below.
  • Hidden grotto that sits secluded behind the waterfalls.
  • A 300 foot lazy river.
  • Full kitchen complete with stainless steel cabinets, a huge eight-burner grill, mini-fridge, and accented with granite counter-tops.
  • Changing room with toilet and lockers.
  • Computer hidden behind a fake rock wall controls the maze of pipes, pumps, and filters that keep everything flowing.
  • Beautiful cabana
  • Eight three horse power pumps, two five horse power pumps, and three seven horse power pumps circulate the 360,000 gallons of pool water.
  • Hidden scuba-diving access.

Scuba Diving Pool

One reason this elaborate $2 million pool was built, was to allow the owners to practice their scuba diving… One thousand miles from the ocean. From a secluded entry point in the mountain, a 54 foot long and five feet wide underwater tunnel leads into the pool, allowing you to plunge into a depth of 26 feet. Pretty extraordinary!

Down Under Pool Care Services

While your Arizona pool may pale in comparison to this elaborate $2 million dollar mountain pool, it doesn’t mean your pool can’t be your backyard oasis! Cleaning and chemical services from Down Under Pool Care will have your pool the envy of the block.

With our weekly service, a highly trained pool professional will skim your pool’s surface, brush its walls, and vacuum the bottom. Your pool’s chemistry will be checked and adjusted as needed. Keep your pool looking immaculate by calling Down Under Pool Care today!

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