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Why Chlorine Is So Important For Your Pool

Oct / 03 15

Why Chlorine Is So Important For Your Pool

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It’s the first thing you smell when you get near a pool; and when you get in, you may even feel it drying out your skin and burning your eyes. I’m talking of course about chlorine.

Despite its overpowering smell, and its ability to irritate your skin and eyes, chlorine is extremely beneficial at keeping your pool bacteria free.

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The Importance Of Chlorine 

The importance of having chlorine in your Arizona swimming pool cannot be overstated. While there are a few chlorine-free pool options out there, most pools rely on chlorine to keep their pools healthy and clean. Without chlorine, you might as well be swimming in a disgusting, green swamp; and if you go too long without properly adding this chemical, that’s exactly what you’ll have. You’ll be left with a green, swampy, slimy mess to clean up.

Chlorine is instrumental in preventing algae, cloudy water, scale-forming and even harmful bacteria and diseases. These conditions can lead to illness, costly repairs, and obvious sub-par swimming conditions. Yeah, you definitely want to keep this essential chemical in your pool.

How Chlorine Works At Cleaning Your Pool 

Are you ready for a science lesson? The chlorine in your pool works to kill bacteria through a relatively simple chemical reaction. When your Down Under Pool Care professional adds chemicals to your pool, the chlorine solution breaks down into many different chemicals once hitting the water. Two results include hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and a hypochlorite ion (OCl-).

If you don’t fully understand exactly what these are, you just need to know that both kill microorganisms and bacteria. They will attack the lipids in the cell walls of these bacteria and microorganisms, destroying the enzymes and structures inside the containment cell. This essentially leaves these harmful contaminants harmless.

Possible Side Effects Of Chlorine 

While chlorine is very useful and effective at killing bacteria and other harmful contaminants, it also has some unpleasant and even dangerous side effects if improperly administered. Some people find the smell of chlorine overwhelming at times; for me it reminds me of being a kid swimming in the public pool during those special occasions. Also, chlorine can also cause irritation and itchiness to those with sensitive skin.

Another adverse side effect of chlorine is its ability to fade your swimsuit or other articles of clothing that are not rinsed with regular water after every swim. Your swimsuit can quickly get that worn look if the chlorine is not adequately rinsed out after use.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are other alternatives to chlorine, including other chemicals and ion generators. Some of these are good alternatives, but they don’t achieve the effectiveness, cleanliness, oxidation levels or even low price that chlorine offers.

The Importance Of Proper Chlorine Levels

Drinking Clear Water

Administering pool chemicals, like chlorine, is best left to the pool care professionals at DUPC. This cannot be stressed enough. The improper administration of these chemicals can be dangerous. Too much chlorine, or too little chlorine for that matter, can be unhealthy for you and your pool. Too much chlorine gas hovering above your pool can be hazardous to your breathing. Not enough, can compromise your pool; leaving hazardous bacteria to thrive at will.

Down Under Pool Care Chemical Services 

If you are an Arizona pool owner, don’t mess around with chlorine or any other pool chemicals. You don’t want to have to worry about storing them around your property where kids can get to them either. Instead, enlist the convenient and professional services of Down Under Pool Care for all of your Arizona pool chemical service needs. Starting at $45.00 month, plus the cost of chemicals, your pool’s chemistry will be checked and adjusted as needed and the water balanced. It just makes sense!

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