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What Type Of Pool Filter Is Best?

Aug / 28 15

What Type Of Pool Filter Is Best?

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There is a lot of confusion out there about the different types of pool filters. As an Arizona pool owner, you want your pool water to be crystal clear each and every time you take a dip; and that means you want your filters at their best. But which filter does indeed work the best?

To help clear up some of this confusion, here’s what you need to know about the different types of pool filters, and if one specific type truly works the best:

The 3 Basic Types Of Pool Filters 

If you are a pool owner here in Arizona, you’ll essentially have one of the three basic types of filters: a cartridge filter, a sand filter, or a DE filter. Each is unique in its own way, but still serves a single purpose; to strain out any unwanted materials and contaminants.

Here are a few details about the three basic filter types:

cartridge filterCartridge Filters

The most common filters, at least here in Arizona, are cartridge filters. In addition to being common, they are also one of the most pivotal pieces of equipment your pool needs to function properly. These filters use a paper-type media, made out of polyester cloth or corrugated paper, which is compressed in cylinder cartridges. Dirty water passes through these cylinders, straining out massive amounts of dirt, dust, and bacteria.

These filters do need to be cleaned about every three months, or when your pool’s pressure reaches 20 psi or higher. Cartridge filters do not filter as finely as other types, like a DE filter for example. Using these filters produces about the same water quality as sand filtration.

Sand Filters

Another piece of equipment used to strain the harmful contaminants and particles out of your swimming pool, is a sand filter. Like their name suggests, these filters use a media of specially graded sand to trap the particles. Your pool water enters the tank through a diffuser. The pool water passes through a bed of graded sand, where the dirt and debris gets trapped. The sand in the filter is so fine, that it will trap anything over 40 micrometers between the grains of sand. After passing through the sand, the water returns to your pool.

Dirty DE Pool GridsDE Filters 

Another common pool filter here in Arizona is the DE filter. These filters use plastic grids covered with a layer of diatomaceous earth; which works to trap water-borne contaminants; straining out massive amounts of dirt, debris, algae, bacteria, and other particles.

Commonly used as a filtration aid, Diatomaceous earth is essentially the fossilized remains of a type of hard-shelled algae. Trapping water-borne contaminants as small as 1 micrometer in size, DE filters exhibit excellent filtration capabilities; likely better than other filter types. The DE used in the grids is much finer than sand; helping keep your swimming pool sparkling clean. Like the other types of filters, they need to be cleaned regularly to ensure your pool stays clean.

Which Type Of Filter Is Best? 

Answering the question, “which type of filter is best?” is entirely up to you, the pool owner, and your specific pool needs and personal standards or requirements. The truth is, all three types of these swimming pool filters work well; as long as they are regularly cleaned and properly maintained.

If you are after a low maintenance pool filter, Down Under Pool Care recommends a cartridge filter. For the most part, they are relatively easy to monitor and clean as needed; and are inexpensive to replace when the time comes. This is probably why they are the most popular.

If your pool gets a lot of use, you’ll want a filter that is a little sturdier and longer lasting. A sand filter is a great choice here; and is why a lot of public pools, or otherwise larger pools, use these filters.

If you are a pool owner, who is really particular about your pool water, a DE filter is your best bet. They produce cleanest water because the DE used in the grids is much finer than sand.

Pool Filter Cleanings By Down Under Pool Care

DE Pool Filter Cleaning

Like I mentioned before, all three types of these swimming pool filters work well; as long as they are regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Cleaning your filters (or changing your sand) is essential if you want to have clean pool water, want to save money on your electric bill, and want to extend the life of your filters, pumps, and other equipment.

Down Under Pool Care offers DE filter services, sand changes, and cartridge cleaning services at an affordable value to Arizona pool owners. Let our professionals inspect and clean your swimming pool’s filters, leaving your pool healthy and ready to use whenever you need to take a relaxing dip.

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