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Savings & Rebates On Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Jul / 12 15

Savings & Rebates On Variable Speed Pool Pumps

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Did you know that ditching your old pool pump and switching to a certified variable speed pool pump can slash your energy bill by as much as 70 percent?

In addition, if you are an SRP or APS customer you can also be awarded a $100 or $150 rebate instantly when you make the switch and install a qualifying variable speed pool pump.

Here’s what you need to know:

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

If a single or two-speed pool pump is a clunky, old gas guzzling station wagon; then a variable speed pool pump would be an energy efficient Prius.

Variable speed pool pumps are really quite advanced; with digital controls and advanced diagnostics. They run much quieter, vibrate less, run cooler and even last longer than other traditional pool pumps. Single or two-speed pumps use inefficient induction motors, whereas a variable speed pump utilizes what’s called a permanent magnet motor. These motors allow the pool owner to calibrate a precise flow rate; giving you significant monetary benefits. A general rule of pool circulation– A slower flow rate saves you more money.

By reducing the flow rate of pool water there is less friction. Less water friction makes your entire pool system radically more proficient.

Also, if you are looking to have a pool built in the near future, make sure you install a variable speed pool pump right off the bat. In fact, it’s actually the law here in Arizona that all pool have variable-speed pool pumps installed. The State is not out policing it, but it is in your best interest to install an energy efficient pump… After a few years, it will pay for itself.

How Much Can You Save With A Variable Speed Pool Pump

saving moneyThe amount of money you can save by switching from an old single or two-speed pool pump to a variable speed pool pump can vary depending on the size and depth of your pool, how long you run your pump, and even your current electric plan.

According to SRP, a variable speed pool pump can reduce pool-related energy costs by approximately 70% – 80% a year.

Most studies on variable speed pumps show that they are 90% more efficient than standard one-speed pumps. This typically equates to an operating cost of approximately $20-$30 per month; a big difference from the $100 plus costs you’ve been used to. Most Arizona pool owners save $400-$500 a year with a variable speed pool pump.

To get a more accurate estimate as to how much you can save by switching to a variable speed pool pump, check out SRP’s pool pump calculator:

Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebates

By installing a variable speed pool pump, or switching over from a standard pump, you qualify for a rebate from APS or SRP; depending on your provider. At the time of installation of your new pump, you will receive an instant rebate off your invoice. If you are a SRP customer, the rebate is $100. If you are an APS customer, the rebate is $150.

Rebate Details

In order to qualify for an APS or SRP pool pump rebate, some conditions must be met:

    • Be a current single-family residential SPR or APS electric customer and have the pump installed at a current verified account address.
    • Pump must be installed on an in-ground swimming pool
    • Must install a qualifying variable speed pool pump (see image below).
    • Rebate applications must be submitted within 6 months of purchase date.
    • Rebuilt or replacement pump motors are not applicable with this promotion
    • Only one rebate per household

Learn more about SPR’s variable speed pool pump rebate program here.

Learn more about APS’s variable speed pool pump rebate program here.

Qualifying Variable Speed Pool Pumps

The following Energy Star variable speed pool pumps qualify for the SRP rebate, and come recommended by us pool professionals at Down Under Pool Care:

Qualifying Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Down Under Pool Care Installs Variable Speed Pool Pumps

It’s clear that installing a variable speed pool pump in place of a traditional pool pump is a great option when it comes to pool ownership. Doing so can dramatically reduce your pool’s operating costs.

Down Under Pool Care installs variable speed pool pumps, and is here to guide you through every step of this process. For $95.00, plus the cost of parts and materials, we will remove your old pump and replace it with an energy efficient variable speed pump. We’ll replace the inlet and outlet pipes, and then professionally calibrate and program your new pump to maximize energy savings.

For more details about having Down Under Pool Care install a new energy efficient variable speed pool pump, call today!

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