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Pool Chemistry: How Accurate Are DIY Test Kits?

May / 01 15

Pool Chemistry: How Accurate Are DIY Test Kits?

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Pool chemistryOwning a pool here in Arizona can be a lot of fun. Our pools offer us constant access to outdoor activities, give us an escape from that miserable summer heat, and allow us to entertain our family and friends. Part of being a responsible pool owner is making sure our pool water is safe for everyone to enjoy. This takes a diligent and consistent effort of monitoring the water. Failure to do so can lead to sub-par and even unsafe swimming conditions for all those who regularly enjoy your pool.

Some pool owners run to their nearest hardware store looking for the cheapest DIY pool water testing kits they can find. Just how accurate are these test kits? Are there better options available?

DIY Pool Water Test Kits

There are many at home pool testing kits on the market today. Some are worthwhile, and some are quite inferior. These DIY pool water test kits are used to monitor a variety of things in your pool, including: pH, stabilizer/CYA, alkalinity, hardness, and chlorine. Some of the best kits will measure all of these things (which is what you want), and some of the cheaper ones will only measure a few pool water properties. These testers are commonly found at most hardware or swimming pool supply stores.

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Issues With Imbalanced Pool Water

It’s important to regularly test your swimming pool, and you’re pool’s pH balance is particularly imperative to check on a regular basis to make sure it’s correct and safe. With a low pH balance, your pool water is acidic. A pool with high acidity will burn a swimmer’s noses and eyes, and leave them with a dry, itchy, irritated feeling. Additionally, forget about keeping that new swimsuit of yours looking like new… High acidity will give it a faded acid wash look straight from the 1980’s.

Other problems can arise if your pool water isn’t within the correct pH range. The chlorine you use works hard to keep algae and bacteria at bay, and will not work properly if the pH balance is off. This is sure to lead to unsafe swimming conditions and possibly even illness; not to mention your pool will start to look like a slimy, green swamp.

DIY Pool Water Test Kits Can Be Inaccurate

Like I mentioned, there are numerous at home pool testing kits on the market today. Some are worthwhile, and some are quite inferior and very inaccurate… Especially the cheaper ones. Many of these kits, even the more reliable ones, also begin to lose their accuracy over time. Exposure to the extreme Arizona heat and sun will also make them very inaccurate.

On the other hand, a professional pool company like Down Under Pool Care will use the very best testers, and frequently cycle through them since they are performing so many services every day. That mean they’re not using old, inaccurate testers that have been exposed to the elements.

The Hassle Of DIY Chemical Treatments

It’s no secret that chemically checking, balancing, and treating your pool water is a significant time commitment. Just how big of a time commitment? It’s estimated that the above mentioned steps, if done properly, can take a couple hours a month or more!

If you opt to chemically treat your pool yourself, and want to get a truly accurate reading, you must take a water sample into a local pool company to be tested. If the chemicals are off, you must buy new ones and bring them back to be added to your pool. After the added chemicals are cycled through, you have to take them back to the pool supply company again to make sure you did it right. Talk about a pain! Don’t waste your time!

Opt For Professional Chemical Services Instead

Pool Service

There’s an easier, more accurate way to test your pool water and have it properly treated with chemicals… It’s professional pool service from Down Under Pool Care!

Stop wasting your time, and get the job done right the first time with Down Under Pool Care’s chemical service. Starting at $45.00 a month, plus the cost of chemicals, a highly trained pool professional will accurately check and adjust your water’s chemistry and add the chemicals you need to ensure your pool is healthy, safe, and ready for your enjoyment!

Note: Our chemical service is also available with our weekly cleaning and chemical service package, starting at $79.00 a month.

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