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Light Change Service

Night Swimming PoolAs Arizonans, one of our favorite pastime activities is night swimming in our backyard pools. It can be loads of fun, and is extremely relaxing after a long day in the office or running around with the kiddos all day.

What happens when you go out for a leisurely night swim, and notice you have a bulb or two burnt out? Swimming in a dark, unlit pool can be dangerous. It’s a safety issue that needs to be addressed.

Changing out the light bulbs in your pool is no easy task. The bulbs are not easily accessible and require special tools and equipment to change. The location and style of the pool lights make the job a difficult and potentially hazardous one. The incorrect handling of the bulbs, fixtures, and tools can cause damage or even injury.

When it’s time to change any of your pool lights, it’s time to call a pool professional; and just any professional. You want the experience and expertise of the pros at Down Under Pool Care. Our service professionals have the tools and equipment necessary to reach and service your pool’s light fixtures; and we are trained to access and handle them safely.

For $120.00, plus parts and materials, a Down Under Pool Care serviceman will remove your pool’s light fitting; replace the seal and bulb; then reinstall a new working light in your pool. We’ll have your pool well lit in no time!

Down Under Pool Care is your go-to source for all things pool care… Including light change services!

Light Change Services From Down Under Pool Care
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