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Go Green: 5 Ways To Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

May / 09 15

Go Green: 5 Ways To Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

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When using the term “going green” in reference to your Arizona swimming pool, I’m not talking about that yucky, swamp like condition that occurs when your pool is not cared for properly. Nobody wants that! I’m talking instead, of making your pool more energy efficient! Here are five ways you can go green, and make your Arizona swimming pool more energy efficient:

1. Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Pool Pump

With the introduction of high efficiency multi-speed pumps, Arizona pool owners are conserving energy and experiencing considerable savings on their monthly utility bills. In fact, an energy efficient multi-speed pool pump can save pool owners up to 30% a year in energy costs. With a multi-speed pump, you reduce pump speed to reduce energy use. A slower pump reduces power consumption.

Take for instance, a 17,000 gallon pool. A typical electric bill to run your filtration system will cost you just over $100 a month ($105.83 to be exact).  If you were to replace your traditional pool pump with an energy efficient pump like a Pentair, your bill can drop to $59.84 a month! That’s huge! Just how huge? With savings like that, you’ll save over $600 a year! Your new energy efficient pool pump pays for itself in about a year and a half!

Note: Arizona already has laws in effect that require all newly installed pool pumps rated over 1 HP to be either two speed or variable speed.

If you are looking to replace your old pool pump, for one that is energy efficient, Down Under Pool Care has you covered with our pump replacement service. For $95.00 (plus parts and materials), a skilled pool technician will remove your old pump, replace the inlet and outlet pipes, and install your new high efficiency pump.

2. Pool Heater & Pump Timers

Pool Pump Timer

An easy way to make your Arizona pool more energy efficient is to install automatic timers for both your pool heater and pump. Instead of running either of them constantly throughout the day, opt instead to run them in several short cycles. This uses less energy.

As for the duration of running your pool pump, this can vary from pool to pool depending on size and a few other factors. If you have questions about how long to run your pool pump, contact a Down Under Pool Care professional for advice!

3. Solar Pool Covers

The Solar Cover Reel From a Distance

While most pool owners in Arizona should have a pool cover, very few actually have a solar swimming pool cover. These covers do more than a typical pool cover. They are excellent at reducing the evaporation of pool water. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a solar pool cover can reduce the amount of water that needs to be added to a pool by as much as 50%!

Another benefit of having a solar pool cover is that they can actually heat your pool. While heating our pools isn’t as big of a concern here in Arizona, a solar pool cover will allow you to swim in warmer water during the late fall and even winter months; extending your swimming season.

Additionally, solar pool covers work wonders at keeping out debris, and reducing the use of chemicals needed by 35%. This can definitely reduce the time and effort needed to keep your swimming pool clean.

4. LED Or Solar Powered Lights

LED Bulbs

I know. I know. LED lights are all the rage right now; and for good reason! By far, the most energy efficient lights you can get for the pool are LED or solar powered. While LED or solar powered lights are an essential part of “going green,” they can also save pool owners mucho dinero!

If you are behind on this LED light movement, Down Under Pool Care will help you out with a light change service. For $120.00 (plus parts and materials) a highly trained pool professional will remove your pool light fitting, replace the seal and old bulb, then re-install a new working LED light in your pool.

5. Regular Pool Maintenance

Pool Skimmer

To obtain maximum filtration and energy efficiency with your pool, you need to have your filters regularly cleaned. Filters that are clogged with debris just don’t work as well, and require the pump to work harder. This translates into more energy needed to run the pool pump and the filter system. Down Under Pool Care cleans filters!

To keep from having your pool filters clogged, and cleaned more often than necessary, a few simple preventative measures can be taken. A weekly pool cleaning service, like the one offered by Down Under Pool Care, goes a long way! We start by taking a skimmer and cleaning the leaves and other debris from your pool. Then we will brush the sides of the pool and vacuum the bottom. This freed up algae, slime, and other debris allows it all to more easily be cleaned up by the filtration system.

Use less energy, and keep you pool looking immaculate, with Down Under Pool Care’s weekly cleaning and chemical service.

Services From Down Under Pool Care

Down Under Pool Care is here to help you in all of your efforts to go green and make your swimming pool more energy efficient. Whether it’s our pump replacement service, our light change service, our weekly cleaning and chemical service, or some simple pool advice; we’ve got all of your pool needs covered!

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