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Chemical Service

Pool ChemistryYears of sitting through High School and Junior High chemistry have many of us despising the term; so much in fact that some of us have even skipped out on chemistry class and opted for milkshakes at the mall with our friends instead. While the thought of skipping out on chemistry class has some appeal, skipping out on your pool’s chemicals can be a disaster! Proper and regular chemical services are very important for the health and safety of your Arizona pool.

One of the biggest mistakes Arizona pool owners make is putting off monitoring and adjusting the chemicals needed for a healthy and clean pool. This can be a huge mistake! Failing to closely monitor your pool’s chemical balance, and adjusting any imbalances, will certainly lead to subpar swimming conditions. Improperly cared for pools can be a big headache to clean up, and lead to additional costly repairs and the replacing of equipment. If your pool chemicals are not up to par, you may have to deal with algae, cloudy water, or scale-forming! Yuck! Nobody wants to swim in a swamp!

In addition to having your chemical levels monitored in your pool, the pH of your pool water also needs to be properly monitored. If it gets too high, the chlorine will be less effective.

If you are an Arizona pool owner, don’t mess around with these pool chemicals. You don’t want to have to worry about storing them around your property where kids can get to them. Instead, enlist the convenient and professional services of Down Under Pool Care for all of your chemical service needs. Starting at $45.00 month, plus the cost of chemicals, your pool’s chemistry will be checked and adjusted as needed and the water balanced.

This service is a hassle free way to takes the worry out of chemistry… Well, at least your pool’s chemistry anyway. Make sure your Arizona pool is ready to use when you need them with regular chemical services from Down Under Pool Care!

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