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Checklist For A Successful Pool Party

Jul / 26 15

Checklist For A Successful Pool Party

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kids pool partyEvery summer thousands of Arizonans celebrate holidays, birthdays, graduations, and the end of the school year by throwing a pool party. Quiet backyard oases become a wild and crazy event; attended by friends and family alike.

As much fun as these parties can be, they can be equally as stressful for the host. The decorations, the food; even having to worry about someone else’s kids downing in your pool; it can all be overwhelming.

To help you manage the stress of planning a successful pool party, here is a checklist to help you get organized:

Checklist For A Successful Pool Party

□      Guest List: Before you can begin to plan your next big pool party, you need to decide who you want to invite. A pool party for the kiddos is going to be quite different from an adult party. The number of guests you invite is important. Keep the number of guests manageable; depending on the size of your pool.

□      Party Theme: Pool parties don’t necessarily need a theme, but if you want to give your party an extra special touch there are a number of pool party theme ideas to choose from.  Luau, western, pirates, movie night, are all themes that are easy to execute.

Here Are 5 Fun Themes For Your Next Pool Party 

□      Invites: Now that you have your guest list and theme picked out, throw together an invite that corresponds with your theme. Include the date, time, and everything your guests need to bring. Print them out on your color printer, or if you really want to get fancy, send them to a professional printer.

□      Decorations: Once you’ve picked your theme, now it’s time to decorate your pool accordingly. For example, if you’ve elected for a luau theme you’re going to want tiki torches, colorful fruity drinks with umbrellas, etc. Don’t forget a few pool toys.

□      Food & Beverage: Your food and drink choices are a big part of hosting a successful pool party. Many play it safe and elect for hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and soda. Once again, your theme choice may determine what you serve; with a pool movie night you may want popcorn and Red Vines. Make sure you don’t have glass containers near your pool. One broken bottle would be disaster for you, your pool, and your guests.

□      Activities & Games: An easy way to keep the kids occupied during your pool party is to have some pool games for them to play. Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows are always a huge hit.

Here Are 5 Fun Swimming Pool Games For The Kids 

□      Music: What’s a pool party without music? Really your options are limitless here. It can be fun to put together a playlist of popular summer songs; or simply elect for a Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffet CD. Please do be mindful of your Arizona neighbors though.

□      Party Favors: Favors are a nice touch for your guests. $1 flip flops from Old Navy, cheap dollar store sunglasses, and maybe small bottles of sunscreen work great for adults. For the kids, go for the pool goggles and diving toys.

□      Adult Supervision: If you’re having kids or even teenagers over for your pool party, you want to make sure you have enough adults on hand to supervise. There is always a danger of drowning near water. One adult for every 3-5 kids is sufficient. Be mindful before hand if any of your guests cannot swim.

Here Are 10 Safety Tips For Your Arizona Pool 

□      Shade: As you know, it’s HOT here in Arizona. If your party is going to be during the day, make sure you have lots of shade on hand. Plenty of umbrellas are a must!

□      Chairs: Place your pool furniture and additional fold-up chairs around the edge of the pool. If you can, make sure each guest has a chair to sit in. Place tables in between these chairs so guests have a place to put their food and drink.

□      Garbage Cans: Many pool owners forget to set out some big garbage cans so guests have a place to throw away their paper plates, food, cans, etc. Having a few designated trash cans will make clean-up that much easier when the festivities come to an end.

□      Sunscreen: Living in Arizona, most of your guests should have enough common sense to bring sunscreen; but you know that there will be that one person who forgets. Have some on hand just in case.

□      Bug Spray: The mosquitoes are nasty in the evenings here in the Valley. A few bottles of repellent will help protect your guests from getting bit.

□      First Aid Kit: Be prepared! You should always have a first aid kid and proper pool safety devices near your pool just in case.

□        Clean Pool: Before you invite all of your friends and family over for a pool party, you have to make sure your pool is properly prepped. After all, you want to present a positive image as you entertain guests. Down Under Pool Care offers pool cleaning services to get your ready for the big party.

Down Under Pool Care Pool Cleaning Services 

Pool cleaning & chemical

Before you throw your big pool party, you’ll want to ensure your pool is clean and chemically treated with services from Down Under Pool Care.

With our weekly and twice per month cleaning and chemical service; a highly trained pool care tech will skim your pool’s surface, brush the pool walls, and vacuum the bottom of your pool. Your pool’s chemistry will be checked and adjusted as needed so all your guests can swim in a healthy pool.

When you’re really looking to impress your party guests, hire the best pool care company in the Valley; hire Down Under Pool Care. Whether it’s getting your pool ready for a pool party, or it’s cleaning up afterward, look to Down Under Pool Care for all of your pool service needs!

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