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3 Reasons For Professional Pool Maintenance

Apr / 24 15

3 Reasons For Professional Pool Maintenance

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More and more Arizona pool owners are seeing the widespread benefits of turning over their pool maintenance to the service professionals at Down Under Pool Care.

Here are three reasons why you should look to do the same:

Professional Pool Maintenance Saves You Valuable Time

save time

On average, an Arizona pool owner spends upwards of 5-6 hours per month properly cleaning, treating, and maintaining their backyard swimming pool. That’s valuable time you can be in your pool, with your family, actually enjoying it! Let’s do some math.

A full pool cleaning that includes skimming the surface of the pool, vacuuming the pool bottom, brushing the pool sides, emptying all baskets, and rinsing the deck area will take a non-professional 45 minutes to an hour to complete; if done properly.

Now you must factor in the time it takes to chemically check, balance, and treat your pool water. This is no easy task, as many pool owners will take a water sample in to a nearby pool retailer to be tested because DIY testers can be unreliable. If the chemical levels are off, you must buy your own chemicals, take them back to your pool and add them in. After the chemicals meld, you’ll want to take another sample back to be tested. Talk about a hassle, and not to mention a waste of time. If you’re checking your pool’s chemistry at least twice a month during the season like you should, these steps will likely take you at least two hours a month.

So there you have it… three-four hours of cleaning, plus two hours to make sure your pool’s chemistry is correct, gives you six hours! That’s six hours you could have back if you hired a pool care professional like Down Under Pool Care.

Just how much is your time worth?

Professional Pool Maintenance Reduces Chemical Storage Risks

My chemicals

One of the biggest concerns we hear from pool owners here in Arizona, is how weary they are of storing there chemicals near their homes. This concern is often times underestimated.

Many of us have younger kids that like to swim. Even if you don’t have kids, you know the neighborhood kids can be very curious and are naturally attracted to swimming pools. You definitely don’t want any of the young ones getting a hold of these chemicals.

Additionally, some of the chemicals used to treat pool water can be flammable. Why would you want them stacked up near your home?

Instead, look to Down Under Pool Care for all of your chemical service needs. This will eliminate the need to store the chemicals anywhere near your home or pool.

Professional Pool Maintenance Saves You Money On Repairs

saving money

When you have your pool cared for by Down Under Pool Care, you know that the job is being done right. When you are trying to properly clean and chemically treat your pool yourself, there is a lot of guesswork involved.

Dirty and improperly balanced pools can lead to a myriad of problems. Clogged and damaged filters and pumps are common in pools that are not cleaned properly.

Imbalanced pool water can damage pool equipment and your pool’s plaster surfaces. When your pool equipment is damaged, it can be expensive to fix. Maintenance is always cheaper than repairs, so ensure your pool’s maintenance is done properly by the professionals at Down Under Pool Care.

Professional Pool Maintenance From Down Under Pool Care 

Down Under Pool Care

Take back your time, ensure your family’s safety, and save money throughout the process by having your pool properly maintained by Down Under Pool Care. We offer weekly cleaning and chemical services for both your pool at an affordable value.

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